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YAMA trifecta
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Movement Options

  • 45 minutes of strength, striking, and stretching

  • Build, Re-Build, or Rehabilitate. Customized training to meet your nee...

  • YAMA - Yoga as Martial Arts

  • Explore your limits with a fun Saturday morning workout

"Looking for the best gym in town? Go to Trifecta!
Ali & Darryl are the most professional and passionate coaches I have ever met. They have personal attention for everyone and challenge you to improve your performance. They teach you to know your own body better! The variety between strength, striking and stretching is great. Do yourself a favor and book a class at Trifecta."

Ann L.

"You have made me love exercising again, you two brought me back to life!  I feel much better physically, but more importantly emotionally."

Carrie Bush

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