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our approach

We not only focus on you, we help YOU focus on you.

If you want flashy lights, loud music, and a cheerleader, we are not your studio.

If you want an environment to learn about your body, improve your control over it, and repeat this process in the face of new challenges – we have the sanctuary you seek.

Building muscle and burning calories for a stronger body is a GUARANTEED result of the journey!​



Darryl Grant MS

Co-Owner Trifecta Sport V.O.F.

I love exercise and believe it is absolutely necessary in promoting long and healthy lives.

My name is Darryl Grant. I received my Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with a focus on applied physiology and neuromechanics from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I have conducted research with individuals of various clinical populations, including diabetic, senior adult. and obese. My internship hours involved administering therapeutic rehabilitation to cancer patients and spinal trauma patients. I began training Shotokan karate with the Japanese Karate Association (JKA) over 20 years ago and continue to practice today.


The greatest reward has been teaching beginner and intermediate levels of both children and adults the skills I have learned in this martial art form. To counterbalance the power in the movements of karate. I found yoga to provide the recovery my body needed. As a whole, I see functional strength training, kickboxing, and stretch therapy as three pillars of exercise that support a longer. happier, and healthier life.


Ali Wilcox MS, FRCms

Co-Owner Trifecta Sport V.O.F.

Everyone should have the QUALITY of life they deserve.

My name is Ali Wilcox. My Master’s Degree is in Exercise Physiology, focusing on chronic diseased and gerontological populations. For over 10 years I have led a successful career as a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor; working with clients from 5 – 105 years old. I’ve applied my education to train and develop clients that possess a wide range of physical and mental abilities. I have sustained a healthy and active lifestyle for myself by staying up to date with relevant scientific methods.


I also train in multiple modalities such as functional strength and movement, kickboxing and yoga. I am driven to help others increase their mind-body awareness and help them understand how to meet their specific health goals. I am passionate about sustainable wellness for all ages and committed to helping everyone around me become the best version of themselves.

Our Philosophy:

We are committed to the science behind human movement and longevity of health. We are obligated to help everyone engage in a fully functioning and healthy lifestyle.

We believe in continuously growing our knowledge of health and exercise to share what we’ve learned with our community.


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